Seven Days Excuses

When You Need More Than One Day

Quite a few folks have asked for excuses to cover more than one day, up to seven days, actually. While some of you need that time for something serious, some just want it for fun.

If you have a real reason to ask for more than 3 days of time off work, you’re looking at extended leave, which you can get a lot easier than you might think.

First – If you’re planning on faking it

I think when you hit the point of asking for more than 3 days off in a row, just for giggles, you have to ask yourself if you want a day off, want to take a vacation, or if maybe you just don’t want your job anymore.

The real secret to skipping work, and not getting reamed, lies in the fact that you don’t do it very often and for that reason your boss is more likely to just let it slide. Even if he asks for an excuse, he’ll most likely buy into one of the ones I mention on the site without a lot of fuss. That gets harder if you make a regular habit of skipping, your boss just starts to feel he’s being had, and admit it, no one likes to be had.

While you might have a very good reason for wanting up to seven days off there’s a better than good chance you won’t be able to pull this one off without some real fancy conniving on your part, which in all likelihood will result in your boss asking for a doctor’s excuse form if you use any kind of sick excuse.

Is there any fake excuse that can cover 7 days?

Well, what takes seven days and keeps you out of work and won’t have some form of proof you can show? When you get to asking for that much time, it stands to reason your boss is going to want to see some documents that say it was real.

You have to be realistic, your boss is going to care if you stay away for that long without a good reason , and he’ll probably ask for some form of confirmation to boot. If some emergency has come up and you do need more than 3 days off from work, you’re better off asking for extended leave.

If you have a legitimate excuse – Use Extended Leave

If you find yourself in a position that you absolutely must take a skad of days off your best bet is to throw yourself on the mercy of your boss’s desk and beg for that time with the legitimate reason, which I’m going to guess, better be pretty good.

What you’re asking for is extended leave. In this case you need a real, true reason to ask for the time off. Keep in mind if you have a legitimate reason, it’s most often granted!

Get all your facts and figures straight first. Let’s say you have a sick loved one, get a note from a doctor,  a real one. Present that to your boss in a professional manner and then just ask, straight up, for the time off.

The same goes for any other reasons, and there are a few that extended leave will be granted for,  get the documents, show them to your boss. Then state your case in a professional manner. You’re not a slave, you can ask for and expect, reasonable treatment. Seriously, just ask.

If you’re just looking for seven days off for fun and frolic,  let me know how that goes for you.