Doctor’s Excuse

Download Fake Doctors Notes in Minutes

You need to download fake doctors notes because you need a doctor’s excuse and there are a few reasons why you can’t get one from your doctor. The most obvious being you were never really sick in the first place, but decided to call in sick anyway, and your boss called you on it. That really sucks but we all know it happens.

You can keep things going and just tell your boss you didn’t see a doctor – so getting a note is just not going to happen and let the chips fall where they may.

Or you can download fake doctors notes. There are a few spots to get a note if you’re not interested in coercing your doctor into giving you one.

Where to get a fake doctor’s excuse

I haven’t used any of these fake doctor’s notes myself, I work for me so I don’t see the point in trying to deceive myself, seemed just a tad too weird even for me. I put them up because you guys ask for them. I do get a commission if you buy through my link, so if you decide you want to buy them I would really appreciate it if you supported the site by clicking on one of my links first and then using the buy button.

The internet is a pretty good spot to download fake doctors notes, it’s nice and anonymous, not to mention quick. You just have to make sure what you get is going to do the job for you – basically trick your boss into thinking it’s legit.

Check it out to make sure it’s top quality, you usually get what you pay for. They don’t come with guarantees and nobody is going to back you up if you get caught. Well, actually, the site I mention does give a guarantee -if the notes don’t work you can have your money back – they don’t say anything about your job. I guess you really can’t ask for more than that.

What happens if you get into trouble from using a note?

Unfortunately you’re on your own. I’m just letting you know where you can get some. You’re the only one who can figure out if your boss is going to do a follow up.

If your butt is in a sling you don’t have a lot of options, unfortunately. You can check out the available doctor’s excuse notes and decide what the best choice for you is, and that might be not getting one.

A fake note is all about getting yourself out of trouble or keeping yourself out of it. If that’s what you need, do what you got to do.