Doctors Excuses

Doctor Excuse Forms

When You Need One

There are times when there is no way out but to use fake doctor excuse forms. Most of the time that happens when your boss insists on one.

writing a note

Doctors excuses are exactly what they sound like, your doctor has given a reason why you cannot attend work. Obviously these are gold. Also obvious is the fact that either you get one from your doctor, or from somewhere else.

Getting notes from your doctor is easy. Just make an appointment and convince him you’re too sick to go to work. Your success is going to depend on how good you are at acting, or how lousy your doctor is.

The alternative is to get a note from somewhere else.

There are a couple places to get doctor excuse forms on the internet. That’s usually handy ’cause it’s anonymous, they have no idea who you are and they really don’t care who you are either.

Do fake doctors excuses work?

You have to be realistic and face the fact that there is always the chance your boss will get overly anal and check up on your sick notes no matter how good they are. If that happens – you’re on your own.

It’s when you try to get an insurance claim, or maybe get out of jury duty, or some equally important reason, that you’re dancing too close to the ‘nail my sorry ass’ zone. In cases like these I wouldn’t try using fake doctors notes. There is always a follow up in these instances and your chances of getting caught are better than good.

Fake notes should pass quick scrutiny if they are good. If you only use them once in a very little while your boss might take them at face value, but no one’s handing out guarantees.

In the end it’s your call, you’re the only one who can judge whether or not your boss is the type to do a follow up on doctors excuses.