Good Sick Excuses

Good sick excuses work best if no one is going to check up on you, that’s what makes laryngitis one of the best alibis to use.

What’s really sweet about laryngitis is you can’t talk, so you can’t call in. Does it get any better than that?

Well, yes it does, most hospitals don’t want to be bothered with you and your case of laryngitis. They can’t do a thing for you and you’ll just end up infecting half the hospital. Unless it sticks around for a couple of days, they would just as soon you stay home. There’s your excuse for not going to the hospital.

The best fake stories cover all the bases

So, you can’t call in, you don’t have a voice after all. No one wants you going to the hospital, especially the hospital. And what’s the point of bothering your doctor?

That leaves nothing to verify. All the bases are covered. Absolutely perfect.

Finalize your alibi the next day with a little follow up work

When you go back the next day, tell your boss you had laryngitis. You couldn’t call in because you couldn’t talk. Make your voice sound a bit hoarse, clear you throat a lot, too. It usually takes a little while for laryngitis to completely go away so work it for a few days while people are around. Pop those smelly cough tabs like they’re candy while you’re at it.

Actually, I would save this one for one of your longer mini-vacations, you can easily stretch it to two days. I don’t know if I’d push it to three though, because the general rule is if you lose your voice for much longer than two days you should get medical help. That would narrow your chances of getting away with faking laryngitis and as far as good alibis go, the whole point was that it was almost ‘don’t get caught proof’.