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If you're going to use excuses to skip work you'll want to make sure your chances of getting caught are slim to none. There is nothing like a pink slip to suck the fun out of an otherwise perfectly good day playing hooky.

The thing with excuses to skip work is, usually, they aren't real. So if you're called out on them you're likely screwed. It's best to avoid suspicion if you can help it.

Here's a few general guidelines you might want to follow when using any excuses to skip work:

Don't try to fake excuses to skip work on these days:

So you get that some days are better than others. The idea is to slide under the radar when you try to make up excuses to skip work. If there is something fun going on near to you chances are your boss is wise to your ruse and will call you on it. Better to travel 100 miles out of your way to enjoy some festivity with a bunch of strangers than to get caught in a bunch of lame-ass excuses.

A few more rules for successfully pulling off excuses to skip work (who thought breaking rules would have so many... well, rules)

Now get out there and enjoy your extra days off with some of the most unique excuses to skip work you'll find anywhere.

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